“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life"

This project chose to focus on the importance of the honey bee to global food production. The 'Hive' inspired structure formed the centre piece for the UK pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015. Rhiannon was the lighting designer for the project during her time working for BDP, Manchester, UK. The project was a collaboration between Artist; Wolfgang Buttress, Stage One and BDP.

Working to an incredibly small budget, the lighting design came to life with integrated luminaires into the architecture wherever possible. Seamless lighting details and a glowing structure centrepiece to achieve maximum effect with minimal expense. Integrated handrail and skirt-mounted fixtures delineate pathways through the landscape to a bright feature wall full of information about bees—dubbed the Swarm. On the pavilion’s terrace, recessed fixtures beneath the floor add an overscaled honeycomb effect through backlighting. Clusters of custom hexagonal aluminum extrusions hang from the interior conference room’s ceiling to provide a soft amber glow.