Twitter has exploded with amazing comments, photographs, kinds words and happiness. I'm overwhelmed by it all and so chuffed!  Thanks to everyone who made the event come to life in the way it did!!!

Simon, Chris and Myself (right to left)

Simon, Chris and Myself (right to left)

A few articles and press releases to read:

It was also aired on the One Show on 2nd October - 7pm.



The Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) and the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) will be celebrating the International Year of Light by illuminating some of the UK’s most iconic locations.

On October 1, in an event designed to showcase the talents of SLL members and the
lighting community, teams of dedicated lighting designers will shine a ‘new light’ on UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the UK.

The Night of Heritage Light (NoHL) aims to promote lighting as both an art form and a science by illuminating 10 World Heritage Sites in the UK. Starting at William the Conqueror’s Tower of London, the NoHL will work its way up the country as the natural light fades.

For one night only, experts in the field of lighting will be putting their designs on display to demonstrate the power of light. Other heritage sites include Edinburgh Old and New Towns, Fountains Abbey, Liverpool Maritime, Pontcysyllte Aquaduct, Ironbridge Gorge, Blenheim Palace, Blaenavon, Jurassic Coast and Giant’s Causeway.

Liz Peck, President of the Society of Light and Lighting, said “The Night of Heritage Light will be a great example of the whole industry coming together to bring the magic of light and lighting to the world. By combining light with some of the UK’s most beautiful sights, we can capture the public’s attention in a way that showcases the best that the lighting industry has to offer.

“Lighting is an art as well as a science, and we’re hoping that this event will inspire people to look more closely at the part light plays in their everyday lives, from the street to their place of work. It’s about inspiring the next generation of minds to make the great breakthroughs in lighting by thinking big and realising the industry’s potential”

Combining their love of light and art, design teams will showcase the practical applications of lighting and how it can improve and enhance architecture. An additional benefit will be the highlighting of UNESCO World Heritage Sites bringing added recognition to these internationally acclaimed locations.

The Royal Photographic Society is partnering with SLL for the NoHL and will be getting its members involved in photographing the night’s events. Director General of the RPS, Dr Michael Pritchard said that this will be a great chance to capture something unique and gain further experience in night time photography.

“The RPS welcomes the Night of Heritage Light which will offer amateur photographers a unique opportunity to record some of the UK’s best known heritage sites in a unique and exciting way as the sun sets and night falls. It will also be a great chance to highlight the important role that light plays in our lives,” Dr Pritchard said.

To find out more about NoHL, visit:

It's all fun and games

It's been busy a few weeks lately and finally coming to a well deserved end. I'm excited to see these next two weeks play out!

This week is the darc awards and there are a few things happening for it; 1. we have the Pavilion shortlisted (fingers crossed) and 2. we were asked to create a light installation for the evening. There are 11 design practices all making installations so it's going to be great to see them all lit! Our theme is "It's all fun and games" as we're in the games area. We've exaggerated this to make a fun installation for guests to be involved with. There's a 'special edition' for people to enjoy's a sneaky peak!


I took a little trip to the opening of 'Light Fantastic' at the National Media museum this past weekend. My main reason for visiting was to see Liz West's new piece called 'An additive Mix', which is a series of fluorescents with coloured filters to create 'white light'. To anyone who enjoys light and lighting, get yourself over to Bradford before it's too late!!! 

Snagging in Milano

I've been in Milan this past week with the design team snagging the lighting for the UK Pavilion. We're getting there!! Slight hiccup with luminaires supplied with no drivers (!?!) ... all fine though as I managed to pack some in my case after a last minute call to Mr (errr..) *opposer* 

Italy is BEAUTIFUL! 


This week we've been busy busy! It was the launch of Subluminal and I cant quite believe I'm going to say this but we have managed to show the exhibition to 823 people (EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE!?!) I'm feeling over the moon!!! 

Stay tuned for our official photographs :)